Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Using Overhead Crane Hoists for Fall Protection

The overhead bridge crane hoists in your facility aren’t just handy lifting devices. They can actually protect your workers from injury and death caused by falls.

Using overhead crane hoists for fall protection is a common sense, cost effective means of protecting your workers’ lives. It can also make workers more productive by allowing them to reach areas they can’t safely go right now. More importantly it can eliminate the need for expensive people lifting devices such as cranes.

By using overhead crane hoists for fall protection workers can be kept safe at a low cost using a device you already have in your facility. No new technology will have to be installed and no vehicles will be required on the floor.

How to Use Overhead Crane Hoists for Fall Protection

Using overhead crane hoists for fall protection is simple all an organization has to do is purchase a fall protection system consisting of a harness a worker puts around his body and a wire rope or rigid lifeline that attaches to the crane hoist. This way if the worker falls off the surface he’s working on the crane hoist catches him and should prevent a fall.

The main requirement needed to take advantage of this fall protection will be bridge crane hoists powerful enough to lift a man. Since most bridge crane hoists are designed to lift several hundred pounds, several times a person’s weight this shouldn’t be a problem.

Once the system is in place any worker on a high surface such as the roof of a truck or the top of equipment will put on the harness and attach the lifeline to the hoist. This will keep them safe while they are working at heights.

Advantages to Using Overhead Crane Hoists for Fall Protection

The main advantage to using overhead crane hoists for fall protection is the increase in worker’s safety. This could lead to fewer injuries, less time lost from work and fewer workmen’s compensation claims. It could also to lead to lowered liability costs.

Another big advantage to the use of overhead cranes for fall protection is the elimination of lifts and other vehicles from the work floor. Workers won’t need to go and get the lift when they need to climb up on top of a vehicle or machinery. Instead they’ll be able use ladders or steps and use the fall protection to keep them safe.

Workers will be able to safely reach more places for maintenance and repair work. They may also be able to move about on top of vehicles and equipment and conduct inspections.

Workers can also take advantage of such fall protection outside. It could very useful for keeping workers on construction bridge cranes safe as they install bridges and other structures on freeway and railroad projects.

Using overhead crane hoists for fall protection makes a lot of sense. It takes advantage of equipment you already have to protect your most important resource: your workers.


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